Dennis Dalyimmunotherapy

Having been involved in health and wellness for over a decade, covering everything from clinical environments, teaching seminars on energy medicine and leading workshops, both at home in Ireland and internationally, I felt that I had seen it all in the line of nutritional supplements.

I had never seen or heard of anything either natural or otherwise, that can assist in reversing the negative effects of geopathic stress on the human immune system.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was handed a leaflet on a product called Immunocal® developed by a company called Immunotec, based in Montreal Canada. Immunocal® is the only patented, 100% natural health product in the world that is clinically proven to optimize the human immune system.

This led to a meeting a week later with an independent Irish consultant with Immunotec. He explained his experiences of trying to deal with a particular health challenge over the years without any luck, how he had spent thousands of Euro on health products, supplements and treatments. He explained to me how his journey eventually led him to discover Immunotec and Immunocal® which, as mentioned earlier, is 100% natural and how: since including it in his diet had returned to him the gift of health.

During our conversation I was very much aware of the level of geopathic stress in his system, with his permission I completed a number of tests after which I was confident that he had spent quite a number of years exposed to and being seriously affected by Geopathic stress.

I was impressed, not only with his determination but also the fact that Immunocal® had over 37 years of intense study, medical research and clinical trials that began back in the late 70's in the medical faculty of McGill University Montreal, Canada.

Holding 42 full medical publications, 37 placebo-controlled, double-blind, peer-reviewed and published clinical trials – the GOLD standard of proof for efficacy of a medical product: I knew I had found an extraordinary natural medical breakthrough.

No other health company can make these claims, and I must say I have never before seen the results that Immunocal delivers each and every time in restoring the human immune system to optimum health, after all your immune system is your first and last line of defence.

If you have any questions on the many benefits of Immunocal please don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, if you would like to join myself and our team in sharing Immunocal with others, I would be happy to work with, and share information with you.